• Brilliant Woman: Discover Your Power in God

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    Live a brave and courageous lifestyle.
    No matter what. No matter where.
    Too many women feel STUCK in circumstances, considering a future where things aren't different or better, and struggling to believe they will ever be good enough...

    The truth is... You are LOVED, not less. You are more than...

  • Soar Above Your Empty Nest

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  • Graham Cooke Q:A | May 3 Impartation

  • LIVE 2 Day Challenge: Break Free From Negativity

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    Over the last 40 years of ministry, we've walked with thousands of Christians who have exchanged their lack for the riches of their identity in Christ. Over the years, we've made a significant discovery, and I think it could change everything:

    Relational learning is the only way to open the doo...

  • Impartation LIVE Events

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    🎉 Join us for a free preview of Team Brilliant's new online discipleship group: IMPARTATION. Join now for hands-on guided live discussions focused on heart learning. ➡️ Learn More 👇

    ❤️ Enjoy Community Discipleship
    Impartation includes 1 year of live 90 minute...

  • The Missing Key that Changes Everything

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    This event explores an entirely different form of learning and growing with God, which is distinct from what most of us have learned in Christianity. It doesn’t change our faith at all or the Scriptures, but it does produce a radically different approach that is very freeing, empowering, and lead...

  • LIVE Challenge: The Prime Place of Engagement with God

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    Embrace your new, true identity in Jesus that places you fully in the presence of God. Knowing God’s heart for you is where we learn and practice the beauty of who we are becoming in Jesus. Welcome to the Prime Place of Engagement with God!

  • LIVE Challenge: Expectation - The Power in Taking God for Granted

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    Expectation is a normal part of presence. In Christ, we live in the same realm of goodness and favor that Jesus always enjoyed with the Father.

    The One who knows you the best, loves you the most!

    God has an expectation of Jesus living in you. Expectation upgrades our lens, mindset and language....

  • LIVE 3 Day Challenge: Praying With God

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    Welcome to our 3 Day LIVE Challenge, "Praying With God."
    Prayer is one of the great benefits of life as a New Creation in Christ! In this Challenge, we want to inspire, teach, and coach you in this joyful, relational, and compelling life of prayer.

  • LIVE 3 Day Challenge: Creating a Devotional Lifestyle with God

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    Have you set resolutions involving quiet times and bible reading plans in hopes they will deepen your relationship with God in 2021?

    What if instead of settling for devotional moments, you created a devotional lifestyle with God this year?

    Discover the marvelous way God works with you!

    God’s p...

  • 2 Day Masterclass: The Role of The Prophetic In Chaotic Times

    1 season

    This 2 day Masterclass starts Wednesday, November 11 at 10am Pacific Time

    In our world today, prophecy is often misunderstood and even abused, but we believe that prophecy is centered on restoring confidence, trust, and faith in who God is for each and every one of us. Prophecy destroys oppress...

  • 3 Day Challenge: The Art of Awareness - Tuning Into Your Real Life

    1 season

    God lives in us and is always at work in life around us.

    Today, Graham and Lindsay share 3 key beliefs that will cultivate a lifestyle of sensitivity and awareness to God in our daily lives.
    Together, we will discover what it means to be alive to God and develop a greater sensitivity to His pres...

  • 3 Day Challenge: Power to Prevail

    1 season

    Freedom is not confined to what we are freed from. Freedom must be seen in light of who we are now free to become. Discover how the nature of freedom causes you to live with a constant and consistent awareness of Christ’s life in you, and explore the power you have in Jesus to prevail in all your...

  • 3 Day Challenge: Breaking The Mold

    1 season

    Everyday, in each circumstance, you are being trained to live from your new man identity in Christ, not the old. When you realize who you are in Him and who He is for you, that oneness and unity breaks every power against you.
    God is only engaged in new life, and with the new you. He can only spe...

  • 3 Day Challenge: The Way God Walks With Us

    1 season

    God is constantly faithful to His primary purpose, which is to make us in His image and likeness.

    You were created to think the way God thinks; to see yourself and the world around you as He sees it, and to respond as Jesus would in any life situation.Your transformation into the image of God is...

  • 3 Day Challenge - The Secret Place: Learning to Live Where God Lives

    1 season

    God has set you free to think from a place above. Learn how to live in the Secret Place of Christ who lives on the inside of you. What if we could continually live in triumph above our circumstances? No longer living for temporary breakthrough, but experiencing permanent fullness and victory!

  • 3 Day Challenge - Do You Believe What God Believes About You?

    1 season

    What would it look like if everyone in the world was restored to a wonderful, amazing relationship with God?

    On May 20 - 23, 2020, we spent three days learning how to trade our negative perception of ourselves with the beautiful perspective of who God sees us as. Graham share a-never-before rele...

  • 5 Day Challenge - Three + Me

    1 season

    You are not alone when the Lord is with you.

    There is no pit so deep that the Lord is not present.

    We have the Father, Son and Holy Spirit inside us all the time and you do not have to practice social distancing with the Lord

    That’s what Three + ME is all about.

    I want to start a movement w...

  • 3 Day Challenge - How To Be An Overcomer In Times Of Crisis

    1 season

    On March 25 - 27, 2020 Graham Cooke and our Brilliant Team came together for a 3 Day Master Class on becoming an overcomer.

    Together we released fear, received peace, and learned to rise up in power for such a time as this.

    Enjoy the videos of this LIVE event from March 2020

  • 5 Day Master Class - How To Flourish in God's Favor

    1 season

    Favor is a benefit of belonging to God regardless of circumstances.

    Living in continuous favor is our permanent placement in Christ. We no longer have to wonder if His favor is present, we get to discover where it is present.

    This special master class was hosted on Facebook on February 24 - 28,...