Constant, Continuous Favor

Constant, Continuous Favor

12 Episodes

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Favor is the privilege of support, goodness, power, and provision. It’s a benefit of belonging to God regardless of circumstances. Because we live in Christ, we already have favor in His eyes. We no longer wonder IF His favor is present, but WHERE it is present.

Get ready to explore God’s core favor for the specific situations we encounter. We will be highlighting powerful keys in the lives of Joseph, Esther, Mary, Nehemiah and Daniel. You will be trained to recognize and live in the unchanging and unrelenting favor of the Lord. In this latest series, you will discover a lifestyle of Constant, Continuous Favor in God and with God.

Constant, Continuous Favor
  • Constant, Continuous Favor Intro

    Episode 1

    Living in constant, continuous favor is our permanent placement in Christ. We no longer have to wonder if His favor is present, we get to discover where it present. The gift of God’s favor is a benefit of the New Man. It is not just for ourselves, but for every arena we touch. All things in li...

  • The Core of Favor

    Episode 2

    God’s relationship with us and ours with Him is founded on favor. Favor is a relationship and an advantage given to us to benefit us. We were put into Christ so that all of the benefits of Jesus could now be ours.

    Our Core Favor generates our good expectations of God and creates an awareness...

  • Situational Favor

    Episode 3

    The situations of our life are the training ground for favor. Core favor keeps us grounded in our relationship with God, but situational favor is where God goes before us, making deposits of favor where there is none.

    Our training in favor allows us to see past distractions, become stronger a...

  • Favor In Crisis

    Episode 4

    The life of Joseph holds some invaluable keys for us as we are being trained in favor. He goes from much beloved, favored son to being sold as a slave, then is accused of adultery and thrown into prison; he is forgotten there before finally being brought before Pharaoh.

    In every place Joseph ...

  • Favor For Our Passions

    Episode 5

    God is a passionate God. He is passionate for you and to see you inherit everything that Jesus makes available to us in Him. His passions always come with a promise and have a provision of favor attached to them.

    As you grow in your relationship with God, His passions become your passions. Ne...

  • Favor of Opportunity: Recognizing Your Moment

    Episode 6

    Windows of opportunity present themselves for a period of time and it’s our training in favor that allows us to recognize and use them as an advantage for what God has prepared for us.

    Esther was taken captive to be paraded before the King who was searching for a new wife. Not only did she fi...

  • Standing In Favor

    Episode 7

    All of the favor of Christ is ours based on our placement in Him, not on our performance. What if a key to favor was being rooted and grounded in His true nature and simply standing?

    Shadrach, Mishach and Abed-Nego experienced this kind of favor. They didn’t bow down and worship the king’s ido...

  • Responding to Favor

    Episode 8

    We are loved and highly favored. As a new creation in Christ, you are designed to live in fullness and abundance and you can overcome frustrating difficulties and challenges by being overwhelmed and astonished by His favor.

    In this episode, Graham compares and contrasts the responses to favor...

  • The Empowering Favor of Promises

    Episode 9

    Wherever favor manifests, a promise will always be present. As part of growing a lifestyle of favor, we will recognize and be able to partner with the promises of God in our lives.

    God’s promises call us UP to see ourselves the way He does. Promises are much more than circumstantial encourage...

  • The Power of Proclamation

    Episode 10

    Every story shared in this series of Constant, Continuous Favor has been a story of overcoming. We must all learn to receive under pressure and overcome. Proclamation is essential to converting our learning into a favor lifestyle.

    A promise gives us permission and our response to permission i...

  • Constant, Continuous Favor: A Devotional Prophetic Word

    Episode 11

    In this final episode of Constant, Continuous Favor, Graham gives a devotional prophetic word to this Brilliant Community. You will feel the affection of His delight in the encounters of favor as He has gone ahead of you.

    Devotional Prophetic Word PDF:

  • How to Use the Brilliant Bot

    Episode 12

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