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Watch this video and more on Brilliant TV

Favor In Crisis

Constant, Continuous Favor, Season 1, Episode 4 – 16m

Up Next in Season 1

  • Favor For Our Passions

    God is a passionate God. He is passionate for you and to see you inherit everything that Jesus makes available to us in Him. His passions always come with a promise and have a provision of favor attached to them.

    As you grow in your relationship with God, His passions become your passions. Ne...

  • Favor of Opportunity: Recognizing You...

    Windows of opportunity present themselves for a period of time and it’s our training in favor that allows us to recognize and use them as an advantage for what God has prepared for us.

    Esther was taken captive to be paraded before the King who was searching for a new wife. Not only did she fi...