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Episode 1: Are You Behind the Time of Your Own Development?


Up Next in Developing Your Destiny

  • Episode 2: Learning How God Thinks Ab...

    While the world is logical, He sees through the lens of wisdom. In the pursuit of our destiny, we must not expect God to be logical, reasonable, or rational.

    INSTEAD, we can expect Him to be speak about our future and reveal His wisdom for our development process to become it.

    IN THIS EPI...

  • Episode 3: Living From the Future Bac...

    God knows our future and empowers us to live from there back into our present moment. He wants us to align ourselves with Him to create a pathway from now to then and there.

    + Why a prophetic word GIVES you the outcome to work backwards from

    + How God PERCEIVES & PRONOUN...

  • Episode 4: God transforms our identit...

    There is a process that God walks us through in the transformation of our identity so that we can live that future in fullness.

    As we live in the present moment, we want to keep our future in mind because to God, there’s actually no difference.

    Your future may seem distant to you, but i...