• Sacred Space
    1 season

    Sacred Space

    1 season

    Sacred Space is a departure from the typical Brilliant TV series’ you have come to know and love. In this series, Graham guides us through his personal meditation space as he shares stories of his creative process and how he partners with the Lord in the development of his books, talks, and all ...

  • The Way God Walks With Us

    1 season

    Is your process of development as delightful for you as it is for God?

    Religion has routinely taken learning that was meant to be joyful and buried it under striving to earn God’s affection and approval. It relies on shame, fear and judgement to merit what God has freely given.

    But what if a...

  • The Place of Abiding

    1 season

    There is a place set aside for you to encounter and experience LIFE in all His fullness. In this place there is no striving, no feelings of inadequacy or distress. You’re not defeated nor do you carry condemnation or shame. All of the old is removed and a new life, ready to be lived differently,...

  • The Place of Increase

    1 season

    In your learning here on Brilliant TV, we want to celebrate what you’ve learned so far; to push the pause button and marvel at your journey with the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. It’s time to realize how far you’ve come and where you’re ready to increase next!

    “The Place of Increase” will show ...

  • Constant, Continuous Favor

    1 season

    Watch Trailer for a sneak peak of Constant Continuous Favor.

    Favor is the privilege of support, goodness, power, and provision. It’s a benefit of belonging to God regardless of circumstances. Because we live in Christ, we already have favor in His eyes. We no longer wonder IF His favor is pres...

  • The Image
    1 season

    The Image

    1 season

    One of the central questions of humanity is: “Who am I?” We long to know our true identity in Christ and wonder, “How does God see me… and how can I see myself from His perspective?”

    This question is answered by the first words God spoke about man, “Let us make man in Our image, according to...

  • Praying with God

    1 season

    Oftentimes prayer can become one of the disciplines of Christianity instead of a delight. What if prayer isn’t about trying to find an answer, but what if prayer is about praying with THE answer.

    In this new series, we will be:
    + Inspiring, teaching and coaching you in a life of prayer

  • Flip the Switch

    1 season

    When we enter a room..we flip on the light switch! Darkness is the absence of Truth. It happens when we believe a difficulty is greater than God. In this short, 4-part series, explore how God is saying “Let there be light!” in your life.

  • Responsive Life

    1 season

    Have you ever felt the weight of trying to get your life just right with God so that He would respond to you? Then this series will be Good News, because we were never meant to the initiators of our spirituality - God is! We were created to respond and abide. Join me and discover the freedom to...

  • The Impact of Grace

    1 season

    This short, 6 episode series focuses on just how empowering the grace of God is, when encountered as a new creation in Christ. It's a concise overview to better understanding that grace is far more than the common definition of "undeserved favor!"

  • How God Uses Scripture

    1 season

    "The Word" is both written scripture - and it is also the person of Jesus (John 1:14). This short, 2 part series will introduce you to encountering the Living Word, the prophecy of scripture and the power of the promises God has put in writing.

    These are key truths for relationally processin...

  • New Man Theology

    1 season

    In Brilliant, we talk a lot about being a New Creation in Christ. What does that really mean? And what are the implications of New Man Theology if we believe what the Bible says about who we are and are becoming in Christ? This concise, 8 part series will give you an excellent foundation into ...

  • Personalizing A Corporate Word

    1 season

    Throughout Brilliant TV, we talk about the value of God's promises to us - both in scripture and in prophetic words. However, not all of our members have had access to quality prophetic ministry. What do they do?

    A strong feature of Graham's prophetic ministry is creating crafted, corporate w...

  • Sacred Space, Episode 1: "Turning Function into Beauty"

    In the first episode of our new series Sacred Space, Graham begins a very personal tour of his meditation space, telling stories from his life, and explaining special meaning behind furniture and art.

    In this episode Graham poses the question, what does it mean to disempower your disappointmen...

  • Sacred Space, Episode 2: "Art that Influences"

    In episode 2 of our new series, Sacred Space, Graham takes us on a journey through the art and paintings on the wall of his meditation space. He shares the story behind each piece and talks about what Brilliant means to him, the origin of the name, and message behind it.

    He also reads his favor...

  • Sacred Space, Episode 4: "The Poetry of God's Heart"

    When you are going through something awful, there is a landing place for you inside the heart of God. During those desperate times you need to think of something beautiful; and poetry is an expression of beauty, coming directly out of what you see and feel in your life. That expression, when pa...

  • Sacred Space, Episode 5: "Exploring and Pioneering"

    God has designated a piece of territory for all of us, and life in the spirit is about standing in that new territory and proclaiming His promises over your life.

    Promises are like currency in the Kingdom, and when God gives you a promise, everything in Him is behind that word, pushing it towa...

  • Sacred Space, Episode 6: "Prayer that Overwhelms"

    In episode 5 of the Sacred Space series, Graham gives us a look at what intercession looks like for him in his meditation suite and how prayer is his touchstone for keeping his relationship with the Lord refreshed daily.

    There is so much to unpack in this episode of Sacred Space. I would encou...

  • Sacred Space, Episode 7: "Keys That Create"

    God is not doing anything one dimensionally with you; the work He is doing in your heart right now can set you up for many things to come.

    In episode 7 of the Sacred Space series, Graham gives you a look at his creative method, and you will get to see how collaborative that method is with the ...

  • Sacred Space, Episode 8: "A Living Prophecy"

    Once again Graham uses story telling to illustrate his points about life in the Lord as a prophetic individual and shares a glimpse into what that has been like for him in his four plus decades in ministry.

    In episode 8 of the Sacred Space series, starts off with Graham talking about the scru...

  • Sacred Space, Episode 9: "Creating an Atmosphere with Music that Moves"

    Music speaks to our spirit in such an incredible way. It can recall memories, long thought forgotten, allow emotions to rise, tears to flow and uplift us in a way that fills us with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Just a few bars of music can change the atmosphere in a room.

    In episode 9 of ...

  • Sacred Space, Episode 10: "The Creative Power in Journaling"

    Graham and Team Brilliant talk about journaling a lot; we often provide activations or thought provoking questions and ask our community to journal their responses; we ask you to write your crafted prayers in a journal or write letters of gratitude to the Lord.
    In this episode Graham talks spec...

  • Sacred Space, Episode 11: "What’s Next for Brilliant.”

    Graham brings excitement and energy as he shares behind the scenes stories of the creation and crafting of his messages on Brilliant TV and beyond. This is what Graham means when he talks about writing a message with the Lord and this is what having flexibility and trust looks like in the creati...