Embracing the Beauty of God

Embracing the Beauty of God

9 Episodes

Throughout our lives, in the natural world, and in the ways of God, there are times of ebb and flow. We experience times of productivity and growth, times of profound focus, and times of renewal. An “ebb” is a personal time with the Lord and an opportunity for restoration and refreshing.

This series, Embracing the Beauty of God, is about understanding and growing in intimacy with God; a time for reflection and re-establishment before taking action.

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Embracing the Beauty of God
  • Embracing the Beauty of God

    Times of renewing “ebbs” are not about the absence of activity. They are about how God wants to be with you and your response to Him as you go through your day. When God takes you out of flow and into ebb, it is a time where His beauty can transform your fellowship and take you to new lengths, br...

  • The Joy of Simplicity

    The Joy of Simplicity is a prophetic word to you regarding how to live refreshed and renewed in the Lord.

    You have the same place in God’s heart, the same identity, and the same inheritance as Jesus. There is no measure; just fullness and abundance in Christ. Everything in Him is yes and amen....

  • Simple Steps in Devotion

    Your devotional time is used to learn about how the Lord works with you to empower you to become like Him in real-life situations. He doesn’t always use program; He uses your eyes, renews your mind, and upgrades your trust to recalibrate you life in alignment with His.

    The Holy Spirit is your...

  • The Place and Power of Delight

    The Lord is unchanging towards you. He is not double-minded, and He doesn’t want you to be double-minded about yourself. He delights in His nearness to you. You can never be separated from love. You have favor in His eyes, and favor in His sight.

    Delight is now your heritage. The Lord mixes del...

  • All Encompassing Peace

    The cultivation of peace is primary part of practicing the presence. Peace is the lifestyle of being present to the moment in Him. Peace is a person, Jesus, the Prince of Peace. He lives in you and reveals His presence through His nature. You have a covenant of peace together with the Lord. He is...

  • The Majesty of Joy

    Have you noticed that heavy hearts, lack of hope and discouragement abound in this world of chaos and uncertainty. But joy is a constant in the life of the Beloved.

    It doesn’t matter what is occurring; God’s joy is ever-present and always available. Joy is found in the ordinary, everyday experi...

  • Living in the Promises

    Your promises are your inheritance as co-heirs and heirs with Christ. They are the currency of Heaven. They empower you to become and engaging with the Lord creates the anointing to receive and realize His intention for your life.

    Some promises require faith and patience. Some promises are put ...

  • The Embrace of Music

    Music is a powerful and personal way in which God embraces us with His beauty. Music opens doors of encounter, where the Truth we've heard becomes a tangible experience of the Lord. It releases us to know and receive what we mean to Him in ways that are intimate and transformational.

    In this ep...

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