21 Episodes

When life looks differently than we expected, our real battle is with hope. This series will inspire and encourage you in the power of expecting God to be true to His nature and promises...no matter what is occurring. To discover a lifestyle where you look forward with assurance to partnering with God in the fulness of the life that He always intended for you - where you learn to thrive, not just survive.

  • Episode 1: Hope is Expectation Part 1

    Episode 1

    OVERVIEW: God has located us in the one place that guarantees confident expectation – He put us into Jesus.

    Hope is expectation, and expectation comes with an intensity of anticipation.

    We can move in expectation because God put us into Christ - so we would always feel safe and...

  • Episode 2: Hope is Expectation Part 2

    Episode 2

    OVERVIEW: God wants us to get our hopes up. You’re a joint heir with Jesus. You can travel in confident trust.

    The world says, “Don’t get your hopes up.” Why? Because the world is always trying to rescue us from disappointment.
    The Kingdom is saying, “All of this belongs to you. ...

  • Episode 3: Hope is Expectation Part 3

    Episode 3

    OVERVIEW: God's provision is becoming real to us and we're learning to live in confident expectation of it!

    You're meant to live in the overflow of who God is for you so that other people will get drenched!

    God goes ahead of you on our journey, places your provision and then re...

  • Episode 4: Hope is Expectation Part 4

    Episode 4

    OVERVIEW: Expect a reality of the Kingdom that is greater than anything we face.

    Caleb had a lens for majesty that was greater than his circumstances.

    You are not ordinary because you are made in the image of Christ.

    There is a glorious certainty waiting for us in a world fu...

  • Episode 5: Expectation as Critical Focus Part 1

    Episode 5

    OVERVIEW: When you’re following a promise, you can’t dictate how it will be fulfilled. Trust will be required.

    We are meant to have hundreds of encounters and experiences with God this year.

    When you’re following a promise, you can’t dictate how it will be fulfilled.

    Trust d...

  • Episode 6: Expectation as Critical Focus Part 2

    Episode 6

    OVERVIEW: When God promises you something, everything is in that promise.

    God tests the quality of our trust with His promises.

    When He gives you His word, He gives you everything.

    Trust the promise no matter what else is going on.

    Prophecy is the end of supplication and ...

  • Episode 7: Expectation as Critical Focus Part 3

    Episode 7

    OVERVIEW: In God’s presence, you’re free to believe anything He tells you.

    When you’re under pressure, double your response to the Lord.

    Promises are meant to become bigger than anything in your circumstances.

    There is a covenant that comes with every promise.

    Never take ...

  • Episode 8: Entering God's Process Part 1 Shawn Bolz

    Episode 8

    OVERVIEW: Shawn shares his discovery of what he wanted most in his life with God: to share His process.

    Life is a journey of choices that we make.

    Shawn fell in love with the Word when he realized it was a real way to connect with God and read the stories of people in the BIbl...

  • Episode 9: Entering God's Process Part 2 Shawn Bolz

    Episode 9

    OVERVIEW: When we process, think and see as God does, we are not limited to the shape things are in now.

    There's an original intended shape by God of who we, others, our communities and nations are.

    When we process, think and see as God does, we are not limited to the shape th...

  • Episode 10: Entering God's Process Part 3 Shawn Bolz

    Episode 10

    OVERVIEW: Focus on the God behind the dream - focus on the relationship, not the performance.

    We can get stuck when we lack imagination to dream with God.

    Sometimes the dreams we do know, are only a small piece of a much bigger picture. Find the other things God has for you an...

  • Episode 11: Love Gives Authority Part 1 Shawn Bolz

    Episode 11

    OVERVIEW: Your destiny is who you get to love in Christ, not just what you can or are able to do.

    We're learning to go beyond valid principles of God that weren't grounded in relational truth.

    Going beyond just what you're going to do to WHO you're going to do it for. Fall in ...

  • Episode 12: Love Gives Authority Part 2 Shawn Bolz

    Episode 12

    OVERVIEW: 4 Signs of God's Divine life in yours.

    The divine energy of God that comes into our lives is not just for us to grow and gain, but to love.

    It's for us to connect to heaven in such a way that we can see them as God does and then love them until they are.

    4 SIGNS...

  • Episode 13: Love Gives Authority Part 3 Shawn Bolz

    Episode 13

    (Continuation of 3 Ways God brings synergy)

    3. God brings synergy to our relationships
    Example: Elizabeth and Mary

    God creates synergy when the dream inside of you causes the dream inside of us to leap for joy.

    Synergy and power comes by hearing your story.

    4. God synergizes resources.

  • Episode 14: Love Gives Authority Part 4 Shawn Bolz

    Episode 14

    Shawn continues to share words of knowledge with people.

  • Episode 15: Wisdom & Knowledge Part 1 Shawn Bolz

    Episode 15

    OVERVIEW: Growing in the wisdom of revelation to know what to do with revelation.

    Our greatest relevancy is how relevant we are to heaven and ministering in the love of God with gracious self-awareness.

    "Sophia" wisdom and grace of God of Col. 2:3 is the revelation to know wha...

  • Episode 16: Wisdom & Knowledge Part 2 Shawn Bolz

    Episode 16

    OVERVIEW: His wisdom & knowledge in us creates an atmosphere for people to connect with God themselves.

    Our passion is for Jesus to get His full reward of a glorious bride, not just souls.

    If our connection to God is real, people will respond to Him in us.

    Shawn shares stor...

  • Episode 17: Wisdom & Knowledge Part 3 Shawn Bolz

    Episode 17

    OVERVIEW: If God can love through us, His brilliance can come through us and we can expect great things.

    If we cannot see God's report over someone, we will never have authority over people's lives and places that we do not love.

    Sometimes we fight more for what people should b...

  • Episode 18: A Word of Expectation Part 1

    Episode 18

    OVERVIEW: Graham gives a prophetic word of Expectation for you to listen, process and unpack in months to come


    Corporate prophetic words are a wonderful source for prophetic deposits in your life. It will be the personal conversations with the Holy ...

  • Episode 19: A Word of Expectation Part 2

    Episode 19

    OVERVIEW: A corporate, crafted prophetic word for you to listen to and unpack in the coming months.

    See the notes under "Episode 18: A Word of Expectation Part 1" for processing this corporate prophetic word

    What are you discovering in this prophetic word in YOUR personal relationship with ...

  • Episode 20: A Word of Expectation Part 3

    Episode 20

    OVERVIEW: The conclusion of a corporate prophetic word for you to soak in and unpack in the coming months.

    See the notes under "Episode 18: A Word of Expectation Part 1" for processing this corporate prophetic word


    "There is no lasting follow through w...

  • Episode 21: Brilliant Family Celebration

    Episode 21

    Mixed in with all the celebration is some excellent wisdom for translating Expectation into every day life.