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Prayer is one of the great benefits of life as a New Creation in Christ! In this Challenge, we want to inspire, teach, and coach you in this joyful, relational, and compelling life of prayer.

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  • Dec 22nd, 2021 | Impartation

    🎉 NEW! Join us for a free preview of Team Brilliant's new online discipleship group: Impartation. Join now for hands-on guided live discussions focused on heart learning. Learn More 👇

    ❤️ Enjoy Community Discipleship
    Impartation includes 1 year of live 90 minute sessions with Team Brilliant. Th...

  • Introducing the New "Impartation"

    We are thrilled to announce IMPARTATION - Brilliant's new live, guided relational learning community group.

    Bring to life Brilliant TV's keys, promises, and crafted prayers through live interactive discipleship sessions.