Flip the Switch

Flip the Switch

5 Episodes

When we enter a room..we flip on the light switch! Darkness is the absence of Truth. It happens when we believe a difficulty is greater than God. In this short, 4-part series, explore how God is saying “Let there be light!” in your life.

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Flip the Switch
  • Flip the Switch 1: Light Dispels Darkness

    Episode 1

    What’s the first thing we do when we enter a room? We flip on the light switch. Just as God did in Genesis 1 when He said, “Let there be light!” God can switch on the Light in how we see and think about Him…and ourselves.

    The light “was good,” which means it is in our favor and extremely ple...

  • Flip the Switch 2: Seeing in a New Way Can Be Shocking!

    Episode 2

    When God does something new, it can be a shock to our system.

    He can change our lens for our lives in moments of time.

    Conflict within ourselves comes when our traditions meet a new way of seeing.

    The Kingdom is a completely new way of learning as citizens of the Kingdom first.

  • Flip the Switch 3: The Illumination of Being a New Creation in Christ

    Episode 3

    If you’re focus is on behavior modification rather than identity in Jesus, the switch of the New Man needs to be turned on in your life…so that you see and think of your life only as it is in Christ.

    God is only dealing with new, true you in Jesus.

    See everything in the Light of God’s majesty

  • Flip the Switch 4: Adjusting to the Full Light of Truth

    Episode 4

    Saul had to make a huge adjustment to the Light he encountered on the road to Damascus. God took his sight away and then gave him the new lens that Paul would see through for the rest of his life.

    God takes us through a process of refocusing in ways that are different than we are used to seei...

  • How to Use the Brilliant Bot

    Episode 5

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    If you're new to Brilliant TV, or just n...