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  • Discipleship that Keeps Us Unstuck

    For most of us, our learning has occurred in a systematic program with test and grades. In our discipleship experiences, the focus has been on what’s wrong rather than on what we are learning. The power of true discipleship can keep us from getting stuck. Every circumstance, every occasion, every...

  • It's Not You!

    Romans 7 has often been a go-to question for people exploring life in the New Man. However, if we take a deeper look at the context of this passage we find that it wasn’t written for us! It was written as a warning that this could become our life if we live by rules God didn’t create! Jesus came ...

  • Don't Get Stuck in the State You're In

    We can often get stuck when we accept seeing ourselves outside of Christ as our reality. The enemy would have us become frustrated with our life, cultivate disappointment and become disempowered. In that state, we can create excuses and reasons for not breaking out of our circumstances. The truth...