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  • How To...
    1 season

    How To...

    1 season

    Lucas and Allie will walk you through how to access and use our account. They will go over everything from logging in to updating your account information.

  • Welcome to Brilliant TV!

    Thank you for joining us at BTV!

    This has always been a dream of mine, an international community of people journeying & exploring the depths of God & life together. I'm thrilled to have you a part!

    A few suggestions as you begin this journey with us...

    + You don't have to have watched ...

  • Making the Most of Brilliant TV

    1 season

    Join Graham’s creative partner, Allison Bown for an introduction to the perspectives and mindsets that will help your BTV experience be truly Brilliant. Allison will help you navigate some of our BTV Community’s most common questions, as well as support your Kingdom learning process.