How God Uses Scripture

How God Uses Scripture

3 Episodes

"The Word" is both written scripture - and it is also the person of Jesus (John 1:14). This short, 2 part series will introduce you to encountering the Living Word, the prophecy of scripture and the power of the promises God has put in writing.

These are key truths for relationally processing your Brilliant TV experience and an excellent support to your development and growth in our community.

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How God Uses Scripture
  • How God Uses Scripture - Episode 1: The Prophecy of Scripture

    Episode 1

    God planned for you to be in this place at this time. He has granted your inheritance based upon the promises He has made to you in scripture. Behind every scripture is the passion of God to include you in Their community. God uses scripture with us personally so that we can understand His tru...

  • How God Uses Scripture - Episode 2

    Episode 2

  • How to Use the Brilliant Bot

    Episode 3

    !! TO ACCESS THE BRILLIANT BOT WHEN USING THE BRILLIANT TV APP, VISIT our main site here: !! The Brilliant Bot icon will be in the lower right corner. (Our Apps do not yet support the Brilliant Bot technology, but we're working on it!)

    If you're new to Brillian...