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  • Welcome to Brilliant TV!

    Welcome to your Brilliant TV adventure!
    We are so delighted to become part of your story and journey with the Lord.

    Our team has created a pathway of guided learning to help you begin, so START HERE!

    All of our learning here takes place in God’s relationshi...

  • How to watch our​ 3-Day Challenge Event​ LIVE

    Our next LIVE event begins October 28th 2020, at 10am PDT.

    Go to for more information and for a link to send your friends so they can tune in LIVE!

    Please note, only Brilliant TV members can watch live on Brilliant TV, all non-members will have to watch via Fac...

  • How to add the private Brilliant TV group on Facebook

  • How to download the Brilliant TV app (iPhone)

    Team Brilliant shares a tutorial for members who want to download the Brilliant TV app for on the go / offline listening!