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  • Welcome to Brilliant TV!

    Welcome to your Brilliant TV adventure!
    We are so delighted to become part of your story and journey with the Lord.

    Our team has created a pathway of guided learning to help you begin, so START HERE!

    All of our learning here takes place in God’s relationshi...

  • How to Use the Brilliant Bot

    To access the Brilliant Bot when using the BTV App, visit our main site here: The Brilliant Bot icon will be in the lower right corner. (Our Apps do not yet support the Brilliant Bot technology, but we're working on it!)

    If you're new to Brilliant TV, or just n...

  • How to add the private Brilliant TV group on Facebook

  • How to download the Brilliant TV app (iPhone)

    Team Brilliant shares a tutorial for members who want to download the Brilliant TV app for on the go / offline listening!