Making A Prophetic Impact

Making A Prophetic Impact

17 Episodes

This is one of my most practical trainings ever in prophetic life - where we'll explore the power of prophecy to build people up, call people up and comfort them. We'll go beyond spontaneous prophecy and explore relationally crafting our words with the Holy Spirit. Then, I'll give you assignments to practice each type of prophetic expression and demonstrate what New Testament prophecy looks like in the powerful ministry sessions.

The days of spontaneous, blessing prophetic words have been good, but this is my call to believers everywhere to take the territory of crafting beautiful, powerful prophetic words at every level of prophecy, whether it be the gift, the ministry or the office.

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Making A Prophetic Impact
  • Episode 1: Making Simple Prophecy Profound 1

    Episode 1

    - The best prophetic word is always the one that is in God's heart for you.

    - We need to upgrade prophecy from the purely spontaneous to where every word is considered and has weight at all prophetic levels: gift, ministry and office.

    - The objective of edification, exhortation...

  • Episode 2: Making Simple Prophecy Profound Part 2

    Episode 2

    - We are citizens of the Kingdom first, seeing, thinking, speaking and acting accordingly.

    - The devil is always trying to talk us out of something. God is always trying to talk you into something.

    - God has a vision of you that is unchanging. NT prophecy speaks to that image o...

  • Episode 3: Making Simple Prophecy Profound Part 3

    Episode 3

    - NT prophecy empowers people to step into a Kingdom space with God and explore the love of Christ.

    - Life is all of you and all of Jesus. We're learning to walk in the New Man we are in Christ.

    - NT prophecy has the sound of the Kingdom, not OT judgement.

    - NT prophetic peo...

  • Episode 4: Making Simple Prophecy Profound Part 4

    Episode 4

    - There's a huge difference between what is true and what is Truth.

    - God never deals with a negative in people's lives. He offers them a gift that will displace it instead.

    - Any truth that doesn't set you free is not the Truth.

    - When the Father puts His finger on a part o...

  • Episode 5: Makings Simple Prophecy Profound Part 5

    Episode 5

    Word #1: Making up for lost time and releases a time of healing. To see people as God does and cancels your history.

    Word #2: A word releasing peace and canceling emotional distress. Gifts of healing, both physical and emotional, as well as for couples called to healing ministries.


  • Episode 6: Edification - The Power to Build Part 1

    Episode 6

    - In new covenant prophecy, the blessings of God are always an outcome.

    - Spontaneous prophecy is the baby end of the gift of prophetic ministry.

    - Crafted prophecy is prophecy that has been considered, written and rehearsed. It is much more common in scripture.

    - Crafted pr...

  • Episode 7: Edification - The Power to Build Part 2

    Episode 7

    - All prophecy is relational because we're speaking to the people of God. All prophets are friends of the Bridegroom.

    - The role of the prophet in the world is to get people to taste and see that God is good.

    - In the Kingdom, if it's not too good to be true, it's not God!


  • Episode 8: Edification - The Power to Build Part 3

    Episode 8

    - What are the unclaimed upgrades around our lives?

    - Don't eyeball your circumstances until you've gotten a good look at Jesus.

    - Prayer is a celebration sandwich, between thanksgiving and rejoicing.

    - There is instruction in the prophetic. In prophetic edification, instruc...

  • Episode 9: Edification - The Power to Build Part 4

    Episode 9


    - In the inspiration of edification, we call people up into who God sees them to be.

    - People don't have power against us. We have power for them. Define your life by what you are for.

    - No negative can exist in your life alone. It is always attached to the positive of who G...

  • Eipsode 10: Exhortation - The Power to Influence Part 1

    Episode 10

    - In every situation, you are subject to the law of the spirit of life that is in Christ.

    - If you're in Christ, so are all your circumstances.

    - All of heaven is attracted to Jesus in you.

    - The prophetic gift and ministry must take responsibility to encourage and upgrade p...

  • Episode 11: Exhortation - The Power to Build Part 3

    Episode 11

    - It is vital to cultivate a sense of wonder about who Jesus really is.

    - Your intimacy with God is the most intimidating thing about you to the darkness.

    - Commendation opens our hearts to hear the upgrade on offer.

    - The false doctrine of the modern day church? Building it...

  • Episode 12: Exhortation - The Power to Influence Part 4

    Episode 12

    - Admonition always seeks a persons highest good.

    - Exhortation empowers people to see a different way and occupy a higher place in God.

    - Vision is not just about the direction you're going in. It's about the height at which God wants you to travel.

    - Exhortation is about c...

  • Episode 13: Exhortation - The Power to Influence Part 5

    Episode 13

    - The world communicates what we're behind on. The Kingdom shows you the provision ahead.

    - It's so important to love the learning. It's enjoyable work.

    - God's purpose from the beginning is to make you in His image.

    - Perception, mindset, language = 3 keys of identity

    - ...

  • Episode 14: Comfort - The Power to Strengthen Part 1

    Episode 14


    - Prophetic words of comfort bring peace, calm and courage in an atmosphere of chaos and fear.

    - Sometimes we pray when we should be prophesying. The word of the Lord gives an outcome we can pray into.

    - The prophetic word of comfort brings courage and encouragement.

    - Th...

  • Episode 15: Comfort - The Power to Strengthen Part 2

    Episode 15

    - All prophets I've know manifested the presence of God as either peace or joy.

    - Practice peace daily. It's a delightful discipline.

    - Out of our own peace, we release peace to calm storms.

    - One of the primary responsibilities of a prophet in times of chaos is to have th...

  • Episode 16: Comfort - The Power to Strengthen Part 3

    Episode 16

    - You have to remove fear with God's perfect love for you because dread will render you immobile and passive at the very moment you need to be active and focused.

    - We call up peace in our own hearts so we can speak the word of the Lord in the way that He wants to say it.

    - Whe...

  • Episode 17: Comfort - The Power to Strengthen Part 4

    Episode 17

    We become a river of encouragement. Our prophetic words should often be considered and intentional.

    This episode gives you an assignment on how to do that with a prophetic word of comfort.

    Look around you. Who is struggling in life? Who is struggling with guilt or shame? Who has ...