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Episode 5: Newness of Life Part 2


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  • Episode 6: Newness of Life Part 3

    Walking in Newness of Life is the journey of being made into the image of Christ and entering our land of promise.

    - Your inner man is being made completely different through every situation we face when we walk in newness of life.

    - Newness of life asks:
    What's the upg...

  • Episode 7: Using the Language of Heav...

    Every action is rooted in the thought that produced it. Major change can only come from renewing our minds in Christ.

    - If all your thinking has brought you to a place you don't like, have another thought!

    - Everything is "yes" and "amen" in Christ. He expects you to take Hi...

  • Episode 8: The Language of Heaven Part 2

    God is not in two minds about us. He can only see us as the saints we are called to be in this life.

    - You were a sinner but now your are saved by the empowering presence of God in you.

    - Repentance is apologizing to God and saying, "I am no longer that person, so I turn away ...