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Episode 12: Relational Thinking Part 3


Up Next in Mind of a Saint

  • Episode 13: Relational Thinking Part 4

    Relational Thinking means we can see, act and speak the way Jesus would, because we're being made into His image.

    - When we are in relationship with God, we get to do the things that He is doing!

    - God is not supernatural. It's normal for Him to heal the sick, raise the dead a...

  • Episode 14: The Power of Spiritual Ap...

    To become spiritually minded, we must begin with a different appraisal of events.

    - We are not expected to work out a negative through our flesh. We are expected to exchange it for a better thought in Christ.

    - We can't want new, but think old.

    - Spiritual Appraisal gives u...

  • Episode 15: Power of Spiritual Apprai...

    The natural man requires information. The spiritual mind only requires a promise.

    - Promises are your currency in the Kingdom.

    - We are not free to pursue the possibilities of Jesus when we are living in our natural way of thinking.

    - Why aren't some prayers answered? Becau...