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Episode 13: Reclaiming Your Inner Territory Part 1


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  • Episode 14: Reclaiming Your Inner Ter...

    God wants you to be God-conscious. The enemy seeks to make you self-conscious.

    - Life in the spirit and life in the flesh are both progressive. Which path will we follow?

    - Passivity is a key tool of demoralization.

    - Poverty mindsets are not about finances, but about being ...

  • Episode 15: Reclaiming Your Inner Ter...

    Demoralization is overcome as we lives as beloved children of God.

    - Demoralization occurs when we allow the world into our troubles, instead of God and His Kingdom ways of perceiving, thinking and speaking.

    - God works in wisdom, not problem-solving logic.

    - Disillusionment...

  • Episode 16: Reclaiming Your Inner Ter...

    Ministry session: for those need a gift of God, have prodigal children and struggling businesses.

    When we're demoralized or working with demoralized people, the path to renewed relationship with God is through a gift, not self-effort.

    Delight in soaking in the prayer ministry and prophetic ...