Personalizing A Corporate Word

Personalizing A Corporate Word

5 Episodes

Throughout Brilliant TV, we talk about the value of God's promises to us - both in scripture and in prophetic words. However, not all of our members have had access to quality prophetic ministry. What do they do?

A strong feature of Graham's prophetic ministry is creating crafted, corporate words of prophecy with the Holy Spirit, which he has shared in numerous conferences around the world... and are woven into many of our BTV Mentoring Series.

If you are not familiar with these types of words, you may wish to begin with a three part series that Graham and I did at the end of the Mentoring Series, "The Gift of Righteousness"- Episodes 10, 11 & 12:



NOTE: This episode also has Graham’s questions for processing a prophetic word relationally with the Lord. Be sure to click on the “Show More” notes!


Now, you're more equipped to unpack the prophetic words here on BTV in your own relationship with the Holy Spirit!


1. A Prophetic Word of Hope

Expectation / Episode 18 Begins at 4 minutes 11 seconds
Episode 19 (all)
Episode 20 (first 13 minutes)

Link to Episode 18:

2. A Word for Overcoming in Difficult Circumstances

Overcoming Life 2
Episode 18 - begins around the 10 minute mark

Link to Episode 18:

3. A Word for Prospering Under Enemy Attack

Radical Permission 2: The Ascended Life Style (yellow)
Episodes 12-14

Link to Episode 12:

4. A Word of How Much You Are Loved

God’s Empowering Grace Mentoring Series
Nature of Freedom: Letter 5
Episode 1 “Starting Point for Grace”

Link to Episode 1:

5. A Word to Empower Releasing the Old and Receiving New Life

The Gift of Righteousness Mentoring Series
Nature of Freedom: Letter 6 Episode 9
“The Beauty of Righteousness and Repentance”

Link to Episode 9 (as listed on thumbnail):

6. A Word for Freedom from Legalism into Grace

The Marvelous Way God Works Mentoring Series
Nature of Freedom Letter 4 Episode 1
“Only the Law of Love” (about halfway through)

Link to Episode 1 (as listed on the thumbnail)

7. A Word of Empowering Grace

God’s Empowering Presence Mentoring Series
Nature of Freedom Letter 5 Episode 10
“Soaking in Grace”

Link to Episode 10:

8. A Word for When You Feel You’re Not Getting It

The Marvelous Way God Works Mentoring Series
Nature of Freedom Letter 4 Episode 6
“The End of Being Upset with Yourself”

Link to Episode 6:

9. A Prophetic Word for When You Need a Majestic Perspective

The Marvelous Way God Works Mentoring Series
Nature of Freedom Letter 4 Episode 10 (as listed on thumbnail)
“An Encounter with Majesty”

Link to Episode 10:

10. A Word to Renew Your Delight in the Lord

Coming Unstuck Mentoring Series
Nature of Freedom Letter 7 Episode 4
“Something Better than Discipline”

Link to Episode 4

Graham also speaks extensively about "the prophecy of Scripture" and INHERITANCE WORDS in the first episode of "How God Uses Scripture." These too are valuable, rich resources of promise!

How God Uses Scripture - Episode 1

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Personalizing A Corporate Word
  • The Beauty of Righteousness and Repentance: A Prophetic Devotional Word

    Episode 1

    Join me for a time of devotional prophetic soaking, where we’re going to encounter the kind intentions of God’s will and explore His process of making us in His image. As you watch this episode, listen with your spirit and heart to experience how God wants to accelerate your personal growth and t...

  • How Is Prophecy Different for the New Man?

    Episode 2

    BTV is full of encouraging, corporate prophetic words (like the one in Episode 9 of this series). But what is our New Man lens for prophecy and how does a crafted word like this become YOUR personal word of the Lord?

    Join Graham and his creative partner Allison Bown as they mentor you in this...

  • How Does "a" Prophetic Word Become "my" Word from the Lord?

    Episode 3

    Have you ever wanted your own prophetic word from the Lord? Or a personal mentoring session on receiving and relationally processing a word of prophecy? In this second session, Graham Cooke and Allison Bown will equip you to explore prophetic words with the Holy Spirit and give you powerful ques...

  • Real Life Practice with a Corporate Word of Prophecy

    Episode 4

    In this final session, Graham and Allison Bown will take words and phrases from Episode 9 in this series and share with you their conversations with the Lord, modeling how this relational process looks for them. It's both a training and a catalyst for you to build from as you explore with the ot...

  • How to Use the Brilliant Bot

    Episode 5

    !! TO ACCESS THE BRILLIANT BOT WHEN USING THE BRILLIANT TV APP, VISIT our main site here: !! The Brilliant Bot icon will be in the lower right corner. (Our Apps do not yet support the Brilliant Bot technology, but we're working on it!)

    If you're new to Brillian...