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  • Family News October - Interview & Updates!

    Dive in with your Community Manager, Michael Becchio, for a short interview with Jenny from Team Brilliant, and for some quick updates on what's going on in Brilliant and our Community :)

  • Some "Brilliant" Updates for You

    More good things for you in BrilliantTV!

    Our Community Manager, Michael Becchio, shares about a few great updates that have transpired in the last month (August 2021), including the feedback from our latest LIVE event!

    We want you to experience the joy and blessing of your fellow BTV Family, si...

  • Brilliant Bot Official Release!

    __ TO USE BRILLIANT BOT in the BTV APP, USE THIS SITE: (our App does not yet directly integrate the AI bot, but hopefully will soon!) __

    Thanks to your help and feedback, we’re ready for “Prime Time!”

    Our AI, used to get immediate answers from Graham, is being ...

  • New Resource on BTV! "Map + Keys" Guide

    ## - USE THIS LINK TO ACCESS THE NEW "BTV Map + Keys"!* - ##

    Community Manager, Michael Becchio, announces a new development that will enhance and aid your experience in BTV, and help you get the absolute most out of your membership.


  • Announcing: "Grahamdalf!"

    __ UPDATE: This is the original announcement of our Beta release, known as "GRAHAMDALF 🧙🏻‍♂️" It has since been officially released as "Brilliant Bot!" See the current version here: __

    -- --

    Hey Brilliant Family! We have a really...

  • What Happened At Brilliant In 2020!

  • 4 New Things for BTV in 2021!

    Hello Brilliant Family!

    We've been working on ways to upgrade and enhance the Brilliant TV experience, for you to get the most out of it and see substantial growth and increase in your journey with Jesus.

    This announcement includes 4 exciting elements that our new Community Manager, Michael Be...