Radical Permission 1: Place of Encounter

Radical Permission 1: Place of Encounter

22 Episodes

If all of God's promises are "yes" and "amen," then who do we have permission to actually become in Christ? This series explores the radical permission we have to become everything that Jesus dreamed of us becoming in Him.

Join me to explore:
How we change when we encounter God's undivided heart for us.

God's permission to live a responsive life where He initiates everything about our spirituality...and performance becomes our response to our relationship with God - not a way to get a relationship with Him.

What really is the true measure of the Kingdom He's given us and how can we live in it the way God imagined it?

In the fullness of grace, just how radical is our permission to live completely in Christ?

And how can we become fully qualified to make Radical Permission our everyday experience?

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Radical Permission 1: Place of Encounter
  • Episode 1: God's Undivided Heart Part 1

    Episode 1

    God's true nature of goodness, love, kindness, faithfulness, etc. is consistent and can be depended upon always.

    - God is not bipolar. He loves you unconditionally, so He can't be angry at the same time. He sees you only in Christ.

    - God's promises are unwavering

    - Key #1: ...

  • Episode 2: God's Undivided Heart Part 2

    Episode 2

    We can never be separated from God in any situation. We can always depend on Him no matter what is occurring.

    - Radical Permission #2 (to go with Key #2 from Episode 1): There is only one of us in Christ!

    - Key #3: God's constancy towards us in Jesus is our predictability.


  • Episode 3: God's Undivided Heart Part 3

    Episode 3

    We are created to live in the undivided affection of God. In that place, our grace and peace multiplies. Every circumstance is a opportunity for breakthrough.

    - Radical Permission #3: Every situation you face is designed to confirm who Jesus is for you and who you are going to be...

  • Episode 4: God's Undivided Heart Part 4

    Episode 4

    The faithfulness of God gives us peace and we can learn to use every situation to upgrade our relationship with Him.

    - Radical Permission #4: Because God's eyes are fully fixed on Jesus, you have the Father's undivided attention and affection.

    - Key #5: Our current circumstance...

  • Episode 5: The Fullness of Grace Part 1

    Episode 5

    Grace is God's empowering presence in our lives to become who He already sees us to be in Christ. He wants that to be your reality today.

    - The glory of Jesus was that He was full of grace.

    - Grace is a gift. Our performance is our delight-filled response to that gift.

    - Rad...

  • Episode 6: The Fullness of Grace Part 2

    Episode 6

    With every situation, more grace comes! God is lavish in His grace. Grace overcomes everything - even our weaknesses.

    - If God's grace is not glorious to us yet, it's just a sign that we need to catch up to something immense and precious.

    - Radical Permission #2: It's grace tth...

  • Episode 7: The Fullness of Grace Part 3

    Episode 7

    Grace allows us to be fearless in considering God's strength in our weakness. It pushes us towards overcoming. It trains us to live in celebration, trust and allows us to receive under pressure.

    - Radical Permission: Grace is a barrier to the enemy and a doorway into a greater pla...

  • Episode 8: The Responsive Life Part 1

    Episode 8

    God initiates everything. Our role is to respond to what He initiates. You're a new creation in Christ, so you're learning to do everything new!

    - Key #1: God always initiates

    - His primary purpose is to make us like Him

    - Radical Permission: In every circumstance, God is do...

  • Episode 9: The Responsive Life Part 2

    Episode 9

    We are meant to respond to what God is doing, so we're looking for His plan.The Holy Spirit is brilliant in showing us what they are!

    - We're learning how not to take the initiative, but to respond to God first.

    - God learning to become brilliant receivers of what God is deligh...

  • Episode 10: The Responsive Life Part 3

    Episode 10

    God has gifts for us to receive. Our role is to recognize and receive them in the fullness that He is giving them to us.

    - Key #2 Knowing the gift of God is key to your current circumstances.

    - All things are possible. That's the fullness of God towards us.

    - All negatives ...

  • Episode 11: The Responsive Life Part 4

    Episode 11

    It's not enough just to receive and respond to the fullness of God. We must learn to abide and remain in it.

    - We meant to live a stress-free life with the Prince of Peace

    - Key #3: Recognize what belongs to you already in Jesus and keep hold of it.

    - Every gift comes with a...

  • Episode 12: The True Measure of the Kingdom Part 1

    Episode 12

    You weren't just meant to be aware of the presence of God. You're meant to host His presence! The beginning of that is allowing God to host you in His presence in you first.

    - Key #1 "In Christ" means that God is hosting you in His presence.

    - It's not about what we do to attr...

  • Episode 13: The True Measure of the Kingdom Part 2

    Episode 13

    We are meant to live in two realities: Christ in you - as well as you in Christ. And the Holy Spirit is here to help you open up the reality of that truth.

    - God is our dwelling place and we are His.

    - Radical Permission #1: "In Him we live and move and have our being." Acts 17...

  • Episode 14: The True Measure of the Kingdom Part 3

    Episode 14

    God wants us to dream and see the Kingdom as massively as He sees it. We're learning what it means to see, think and speak the language of fullness in Christ

    - Key #3: Fullness is the only true measure of the Kingdom

    - We're all becoming fluent in the language of heaven: possib...

  • Episode 15: The True Measure of the Kingdom Part 4

    Episode 15

    We're moving from getting our needs met to living in God's favor and abundance - because that is the true measure of the Kingdom.

    - Getting our needs met is the baby end of faith

    - God wants us to understand what habitation looks like from His perspective.

    - My (Graham's) mi...

  • Episode 16: Being Qualified to Receive Part 1

    Episode 16

    Never doubt that you are qualified to receive all that God has for you. He put you into Christ. It's your DNA to receive!

    - Key #1: When God does something for the first time, He sets a precedent and by that precedent, you know Him forever.

    - God killed the old and raised up t...

  • Episode 17: Being Qualified to Receive Part 2

    Episode 17

    God wrote down everything He wants to do for you and be to you. It's the biggest identity statement of all of who you are in Christ. Jesus is the open door to it.

    - Key #2: The Door is always open.

    - Radical Permission #2: Everything in Christ is 'Yes' and 'Amen,' and it always...

  • Episode 18: Being Qualified to Receive Part 3

    Episode 18

    We receive best when we know how joyful God is in being with us. Joy is always present, even in the most difficult times.

    - We are seeking the one person who loves us the most.

    - Seeking the Lord is not a command, it's a blessing - an invitation.

    - The joy and delight of th...

  • Episode 19: Being Qualified to Receive Part 4

    Episode 19

    Our promises give us a perspective that qualifies us and accelerates our ability to receive all that God has for us no matter what is occurring.

    - The new man sees everything as a possibility to encounter God.

    - Key #3: In Christ, God has qualified you to receive.

    - You're c...

  • Episode 20: Being Qualified to Receive Part 5

    Episode 20

    There is a place of delight in our many relationships with God. Discover the place of joyful persistence in pursuing them.

    - The Holy Spirit is the gift from God to disclose everything that God wants you to have in Jesus.

    - Joyful, faithful prayer has its rewards. Never make ...

  • Episode 21: Being Qualified to Receive Part 6

    Episode 21

    Asking and seeking God is part of a joyful relationship with God, not a functional interaction.

    - God has already determined what He wants to open up for you. He is looking for the relationship found in the asking.

    - Come in the confidence of being qualified to receive. Ask us...

  • Episode 22: Being Qualified to Receive Part 7

    Episode 22

    How do you seek the Lord when He promises to never leave? You look with expectation that He is near.

    - Key #4: Look for the Presence that is always present.

    - Go looking for ultimate goodness and you'll find it.

    - Radical Permission #4: "You will find," so we need to look in...