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Episode 1: God's Undivided Heart Part 1


Up Next in Radical Permission 1

  • Episode 2: God's Undivided Heart Part 2

    We can never be separated from God in any situation. We can always depend on Him no matter what is occurring.

    - Radical Permission #2 (to go with Key #2 from Episode 1): There is only one of us in Christ!

    - Key #3: God's constancy towards us in Jesus is our predictability.


  • Episode 3: God's Undivided Heart Part 3

    We are created to live in the undivided affection of God. In that place, our grace and peace multiplies. Every circumstance is a opportunity for breakthrough.

    - Radical Permission #3: Every situation you face is designed to confirm who Jesus is for you and who you are going to be...

  • Episode 4: God's Undivided Heart Part 4

    The faithfulness of God gives us peace and we can learn to use every situation to upgrade our relationship with Him.

    - Radical Permission #4: Because God's eyes are fully fixed on Jesus, you have the Father's undivided attention and affection.

    - Key #5: Our current circumstance...