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Episode 5: The Fullness of Grace Part 1


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  • Episode 6: The Fullness of Grace Part 2

    With every situation, more grace comes! God is lavish in His grace. Grace overcomes everything - even our weaknesses.

    - If God's grace is not glorious to us yet, it's just a sign that we need to catch up to something immense and precious.

    - Radical Permission #2: It's grace tth...

  • Episode 7: The Fullness of Grace Part 3

    Grace allows us to be fearless in considering God's strength in our weakness. It pushes us towards overcoming. It trains us to live in celebration, trust and allows us to receive under pressure.

    - Radical Permission: Grace is a barrier to the enemy and a doorway into a greater pla...

  • Episode 8: The Responsive Life Part 1

    God initiates everything. Our role is to respond to what He initiates. You're a new creation in Christ, so you're learning to do everything new!

    - Key #1: God always initiates

    - His primary purpose is to make us like Him

    - Radical Permission: In every circumstance, God is do...