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Episode 10: The Responsive Life Part 3


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  • Episode 11: The Responsive Life Part 4

    It's not enough just to receive and respond to the fullness of God. We must learn to abide and remain in it.

    - We meant to live a stress-free life with the Prince of Peace

    - Key #3: Recognize what belongs to you already in Jesus and keep hold of it.

    - Every gift comes with a...

  • Episode 12: The True Measure of the K...

    You weren't just meant to be aware of the presence of God. You're meant to host His presence! The beginning of that is allowing God to host you in His presence in you first.

    - Key #1 "In Christ" means that God is hosting you in His presence.

    - It's not about what we do to attr...

  • Episode 13: The True Measure of the K...

    We are meant to live in two realities: Christ in you - as well as you in Christ. And the Holy Spirit is here to help you open up the reality of that truth.

    - God is our dwelling place and we are His.

    - Radical Permission #1: "In Him we live and move and have our being." Acts 17...