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Episode 16: Being Qualified to Receive Part 1


Up Next in Radical Permission 1

  • Episode 17: Being Qualified to Receiv...

    God wrote down everything He wants to do for you and be to you. It's the biggest identity statement of all of who you are in Christ. Jesus is the open door to it.

    - Key #2: The Door is always open.

    - Radical Permission #2: Everything in Christ is 'Yes' and 'Amen,' and it always...

  • Episode 18: Being Qualified to Receiv...

    We receive best when we know how joyful God is in being with us. Joy is always present, even in the most difficult times.

    - We are seeking the one person who loves us the most.

    - Seeking the Lord is not a command, it's a blessing - an invitation.

    - The joy and delight of th...

  • Episode 19: Being Qualified to Receiv...

    Our promises give us a perspective that qualifies us and accelerates our ability to receive all that God has for us no matter what is occurring.

    - The new man sees everything as a possibility to encounter God.

    - Key #3: In Christ, God has qualified you to receive.

    - You're c...

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