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Episode 19: Being Qualified to Receive Part 4


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    There is a place of delight in our many relationships with God. Discover the place of joyful persistence in pursuing them.

    - The Holy Spirit is the gift from God to disclose everything that God wants you to have in Jesus.

    - Joyful, faithful prayer has its rewards. Never make ...

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    Asking and seeking God is part of a joyful relationship with God, not a functional interaction.

    - God has already determined what He wants to open up for you. He is looking for the relationship found in the asking.

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    How do you seek the Lord when He promises to never leave? You look with expectation that He is near.

    - Key #4: Look for the Presence that is always present.

    - Go looking for ultimate goodness and you'll find it.

    - Radical Permission #4: "You will find," so we need to look in...