Radical Permission 1: Place of Encounter

Radical Permission 1: Place of Encounter

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If all of God's promises are "yes" and "amen," then who do we have permission to actually become in Christ? This series explores the radical permission we have to become everything that Jesus dreamed of us becoming in Him.

Join me to explore:
How we change when we encounter God's undivided heart for us.

God's permission to live a responsive life where He initiates everything about our spirituality...and performance becomes our response to our relationship with God - not a way to get a relationship with Him.

What really is the true measure of the Kingdom He's given us and how can we live in it the way God imagined it?

In the fullness of grace, just how radical is our permission to live completely in Christ?

And how can we become fully qualified to make Radical Permission our everyday experience?

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Radical Permission 1: Place of Encounter