REGENERATE (Monthly Messages)

REGENERATE (Monthly Messages)

REGENERATE (Monthly Messages)
  • REGENERATE Volume 3 - God is Our Safeguard and Security

    1 season

    You will grow best when you feel safe, confident and secure in God’s grace and 

    You will thrive when you fully appreciate the beauty of the Father’s heart for you in the Lord Jesus.

    There is a difference between your relationship with God, and your fellowship with Him.

    In Regenerate, P...

  • Announcing: "Grahamdalf!"

    __ CHECK OUT "GRAHAMDALF 🧙🏻‍♂️" HERE: __

    Hey Brilliant Family! We have a really exciting project we've been working on, that we want to include *you* in!

    We're hoping this will become a fun and rich resource for our Community, and an aid to everyone...

  • REGENERATE Volume 2 - The Beauty of Abiding in Weakness

    5 videos

    Welcome to Regenerate, Part 2. This month, we are looking at the Beauty of Abiding in Weakness.

    What would it be like to feel as welcomed by God in your weakest place… as you are in your moments of greatest victory?

    -- The Lord would said to you, "I want you to be filled up to overflowing in al...

  • REGENERATE Volume 1 - In Christ We Are Bound to the Nature of God

    1 season