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God’s True Nature is His Story


Up Next in Season 1

  • The Journey of Grace

    In this episode, we are looking at our journey of grace with God. Did you know that your circumstances are the main intersection of God’s story and journey with you? And it’s from these situations that you actually get to to journey with Him in His grace.

    We will be exploring:
    + How EVERY s...

  • The Rich Process of Traveling with God

    In this episode, we are looking at the process of traveling with God and how that process is actually our journey with Him. Life isn’t about getting to the end and saying we survived; it’s about learning to experience a rich relationship with God every step of the way.

    In this episode, we will...

  • Discovering Your Territory

    In this episode, we’re looking at how we discover the territory God has for us and how He travels with us in that process. We are learning in our travels that the goodness of God is astonishing. The Good News is not too good to be true. The reality is, God is too good for it to be any other way...