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Episode 2: Building the Right Mindset Part 2


Up Next in The Art of Thinking Brilliantly

  • Episode 3: Building the Right Mindset...

    Frustration doesn't exist in heaven, so it can't exist in the Kingdom on earth. What if it's a signpost to upgrade?

    - Frustration is a confession of powerlessness - and that's not the way God thinks.

    - Rethink your assumptions. Ask: "What does this mean? What must I do?"

    - E...

  • Episode 4: Reframing Part 1

    Our mindset is either a fortress for the enemy or a temple for the living God. The Holy Spirit is empowering us into a way of thinking that generates the power of obedience.

    - God is remodeling, renovating and reframing our thinking.

    - Stress is an inside job

    - We get rid of...

  • Episode 5: Reframing Part 2

    There is a difference between your "state" and "standing." Your state is how you see yourself outside of Jesus. Your standing is who you are in Christ.

    - In our state: our emotions are overwhelmed by negativity.

    - In our standing: Jesus for us empowers our emotions as we unders...