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Episode 4: Reframing Part 1


Up Next in The Art of Thinking Brilliantly

  • Episode 5: Reframing Part 2

    There is a difference between your "state" and "standing." Your state is how you see yourself outside of Jesus. Your standing is who you are in Christ.

    - In our state: our emotions are overwhelmed by negativity.

    - In our standing: Jesus for us empowers our emotions as we unders...

  • Episode 6: Reframing Part 3

    We can never allow circumstances to become bigger than our blessing.

    - God wants you to focus on your relationship with Him, not the issue that wants to demand your attention.

    - If the situation doesn't sort itself out, it's because God has another upgrade you haven't seen yet.

    - T...

  • Episode 7: The Law of Life in Christ ...

    God doesn't come and go in our lives. In Christ, He lives in us and we are learning how to continually abide in Him.

    - The old testament was a visitation culture. Post-cross, we are living in a habitational culture.

    - We always expect something brilliant because Christ is in u...