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Episode 10: We Are Only Challenged by Goodness Part 1


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  • Episode 11: We Are Only Challenged by...

    Goodness is critical in times of warfare and opposition. There is a level of goodness so profound that it doesn't matter what the enemy or other people are doing.

    - It's an act of NT warfare to love our enemies.

    - We don't get to be in charge of who we demonstrate goodness to. You ...

  • Episode 12: We Are Only Challenged by...

    Being ready for God's goodness in every situation allows us to remain fresh, renewed and powerful.

    - The Fruit of the Spirit is more powerful than the gifts of the Spirit against the enemy.

    - Submit daily to a refreshing in the Lord in the goodness of God. Don't allow weariness...

  • Episode 13: Everything is a Possibili...

    You cannot have a negative without God's positive being present. Every problem has a provision attached.

    - Jesus took away the curse and released us into fullness of blessing.

    - All of heaven is attracted to Jesus in you. You are a magnet for blessing.

    - Every situation in ...