The Image

The Image

4 Episodes

One of the central questions of humanity is: “Who am I?” We long to know our true identity in Christ and wonder, “How does God see me… and how can I see myself from His perspective?”

This question is answered by the first words God spoke about man, “Let us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness…” (Genesis 1:26). His words defined us as the very image of His nature.

This series, “The Image: Experiencing Your Life from God's Perspective,” is presented by Allison Bown, Graham Cooke’s creative partner, and will explore six key questions of identity. You’re invited to join us and be equipped you for a lifetime of discovering your identity in God.

For additional teaching and relational activations, you can order “The Image” from Brilliant Book House here:

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The Image
  • The Image - Introduction

    Episode 1

    “When God looks at me, what does He see? And how can I see myself that way too?”

    This series will explore six Key Questions of identity, based on the book by Allison Bown, “The Image: Experience Your Life From God’s Perspective,” foreword by Graham Cooke.

    There is an image of your life that...

  • Who Do You See in the Mirror?

    Episode 2

    At the moment of salvation, your image was forever changed from the old man into the image of Jesus. On this side of the cross, when God looks at us, He sees His Son - who is the perfect representation of what God imagined when He made man in His image. We don’t all look the same because He sees ...

  • What is Your Primary Identity in Christ?

    Episode 3

    We have been chosen. The foundation of our true identity has been laid on the fact that we have been chosen from the beginning. We were not an afterthought or last minute choice because God couldn’t find someone better. God’s true identity is always OUR starting point, but being accepted in the B...

  • Who do you think you are?

    Episode 4

    Who do you think you are? It can be a question of self-accusation, or an entry point into a new level of confidence in your identity in Christ. Every challenge you face to your true identity in Christ can be your entry point to a new level of relationship with Him, and a discovery of who you rea...