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Up Next in Season 1

  • Dominant Freedom

    We’re focusing on the primary keys in Letter #4 of "The Nature of Freedom." These keys will open a door of exploration for you, where you can go in a variety of different directions with the Holy Spirit.

    In this episode, we’re looking at the key of dominant freedom and discussing:
    + Why Jesus...

  • The Delight of Fullness

    This series is a key ring and in each episode we’re adding another key that you can use to open many different truths about His marvelous ways.

    In this episode, we’re exploring the key of fullness and looking at:
    + How God is a God of FULLNESS and not measure…
    + Why God takes PLEASURE in lav...

  • The Power of Focus

    We’re soaking in the joy and power of God’s singular focus in who He sees us to be in Christ.

    In this episode, we’re discussing the key of focus and talking about:
    + Why you are FREE from condemnation & shame…
    + How all God’s WRATH was put on JESUS & why there’s NONE left towards you…
    + Why...