The Mentoring Track

  • The Place of Increase

    1 season

  • The Way God Walks With Us

    1 season

    Is your process of development as delightful for you as it is for God?

    Religion has routinely taken learning that was meant to be joyful and buried it under striving to earn God’s affection and approval. It relies on shame, fear and judgement to merit what God has freely given.

    But what if a...

  • Embracing the Beauty of God

    1 season

    Throughout our lives, in the natural world, and in the ways of God, there are times of ebb and flow. We experience times of productivity and growth, times of profound focus, and times of renewal. An “ebb” is a personal time with the Lord and an opportunity for restoration and refreshing.


  • The Place of Abiding

    1 season

    There is a place set aside for you to encounter and experience LIFE in all His fullness. In this place there is no striving, no feelings of inadequacy or distress. You’re not defeated nor do you carry condemnation or shame. All of the old is removed and a new life, ready to be lived differently,...

  • Constant, Continuous Favor

    1 season

    Watch Trailer for a sneak peak of Constant Continuous Favor.

    Favor is the privilege of support, goodness, power, and provision. It’s a benefit of belonging to God regardless of circumstances. Because we live in Christ, we already have favor in His eyes. We no longer wonder IF His favor is pres...

  • The Image
    1 season

    The Image

    1 season

    One of the central questions of humanity is: “Who am I?” We long to know our true identity in Christ and wonder, “How does God see me… and how can I see myself from His perspective?”

    This question is answered by the first words God spoke about man, “Let us make man in Our image, according to...

  • Praying with God

    1 season

    Oftentimes prayer can become one of the disciplines of Christianity instead of a delight. What if prayer isn’t about trying to find an answer, but what if prayer is about praying with THE answer.

    In this new series, we will be:
    + Inspiring, teaching and coaching you in a life of prayer

  • Transformation Through the Fruit of the Spirit

    1 season

    Transformation Through the Fruit of the Spirit invites you into a dynamic experience of God within the context of His true nature.

    What you think about God is the most important thought you will ever have. God’s primary purpose is making us into His own image, but what is that image and are w...

  • Story & Journey

    1 season

    Everyone has a story, and everyone is on a journey through that story including God. One of my favorite sayings about Jesus is that “He is Big Country.” There is lots to explore in Him, but we need to do more than just explore the territory of Christ within us. We want to learn how to establish a...

  • Life Questions
    1 season

    Life Questions

    1 season

    The essence of all good mentoring is asking brilliant questions that allow us to explore our relationship with God in a deeper way. These are 22 of the most powerful questions of spirituality that I've used in mentoring people for over 40 years. Thinking through life using these questions will ...