The Place of Abiding

The Place of Abiding

4 Episodes

There is a place set aside for you to encounter and experience LIFE in all His fullness. In this place there is no striving, no feelings of inadequacy or distress. You’re not defeated nor do you carry condemnation or shame. All of the old is removed and a new life, ready to be lived differently, is now possible.

It was the Father’s dream from the foundation of the earth to have a family that He could love outrageously and who would love Him in return. To have a place for all of us to know, receive and embrace all that He is.

It’s The Place of Abiding - a fellowship so rich it changes everyone and everything it touches.

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The Place of Abiding
  • Abiding from God’s Perspective

    Episode 1

    Our starting point for The Place of Abiding is not simply of study or head knowledge, it’s actually in hearing the heart of the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for all you are about to encounter in them.

    This episode is a devotional, prophetic word. When you first watch this episode, do not ta...

  • Abiding Creates a Lifestyle Venue

    Episode 2

    The Father’s dream before creation was to have a people He could live with in fullness and abundance. Abiding created the place of meeting God has always wanted it to be. Your starting point for abiding must be that God is with you exactly as He was with Jesus.

    This episode journeys throughout t...

  • You Have A Direct Connection

    Episode 3

    Abiding offers a direct connection with God through Christ. You were put into Christ so you could encounter a life where there are no barriers between you and God. You have a face to face, living and transformational relationship with the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. God with you and IN you...

  • Our Keeper

    Episode 4

    Abiding through your own self-effort and striving was never God’s intention, and He knew you would need a brilliant companion to empower you to stay, dwell and remain. The incomparable Holy Spirit.

    The Holy Spirit plans on enjoying every connection He has with you. Good days, bad doesn...