The Place of Increase

The Place of Increase

9 Episodes

In your learning here on Brilliant TV, we want to celebrate what you’ve learned so far; to push the pause button and marvel at your journey with the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. It’s time to realize how far you’ve come and where you’re ready to increase next!

“The Place of Increase” will show you how to:
+ Celebrate your gains
+ Recognize your growth
+ Understand the New Man perspective of self-examination
+ Expand your capacity to INCREASE
+ Break free of guilt and shame over where you’re still developing

“The Place of Increase” will train you in the next step of going higher in the Truth and living a life where refreshing, renewal and regeneration becomes part of your daily experience.

And we want to hear what upgrades YOU’RE discovering! You don’t have to include your name, but it would help us be specific and precise in knowing how best to support your development: [email protected]

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The Place of Increase
  • The Place of Increase

    When you discover something wonderful… and THEN... you find out that there’s MORE?
    THAT’S a cause for celebration!

    Our God is the God of abundance, in a world of measure. But when you’re used to the thinking and language of measure and restriction, it is easy to settle for less than the extra...

  • The Place of Increase: JOY

    In these series, we will refresh, renew and increase your lifestyle from your previous learning, beginning with your JOY as a new creation in Christ!

    In this original episode, discover how all of our learning is meant to take place in an environment of ever-increasing joy. It’s a manifestatio...

  • The Place of Increase: The Majesty of Joy

    Hearing the voice of the Lord is an essential element in Relational Learning. In stepping into an established lifestyle of joy, this devotional prophetic word is a Master Key in increasing your experience of how God sees, thinks and feels about Joy.

    There is a beauty about Joy that you must emb...

  • The Place of Increase: Joy That Strengthens

    The Fruit of the Spirit is the true nature of God, therefore, it is already present in you as a New Creation in Christ.

    This week we are celebrating where you have already experienced Joy and we will look at how that joy has strengthened you, and discover what new increases of Joy you can expe...

  • The Place of Increase: Expect to be Joyful

    Expectation has a significant impact on Joy becoming our everyday experience. But Joy is always present because of who God is for us; therefore we have permission to EXPECT Joy, and we can also expect to DISCOVER an increase of Joy in our lives.

    In this episode, you can connect or reconnect...

  • The Place of Increase: What Good Things are Already in Me?

    All of us want to live a life of impact. All of us want to be effective in communicating the Kingdom of God to the world around us. But it’s hard to increase if all you ever see is everything you are not.

    God celebrates every part of your journey every step of the way. He knows the Kingdom of...

  • The Place of Increase: Joy is an Eternal Environment

    When God does something for the first time, He always sets a precedent. By that precedent we can know Him forever in that context because He does not change. The first action of heaven regarding Jesus on earth was: JOY!

    + Luke 2:8-15
    + John 16:33
    + John 15:11
    + John 16:20-24
    + L...

  • The Place of Increase: Unstuck from Heaven to See Earth

    Episode 8

    Oftentimes our awareness of God’s presence is wrapped around an experience at a church or a conference. We can get stuck thinking that this is the only way to really “feel” His presence. Beloved, God put us into Christ and Christ into us, so we could have an internal, covenant relationship with h...

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