The Way God Walks With Us

The Way God Walks With Us

19 Episodes

Is your process of development as delightful for you as it is for God?

Religion has routinely taken learning that was meant to be joyful and buried it under striving to earn God’s affection and approval. It relies on shame, fear and judgement to merit what God has freely given.

But what if all your learning was centered around the joy of the Lord in you?

Our Training Series, The Way God Walks With Us, starts on Wednesday, January 8. My creative partner Allison Bown and I will introduce you to the relational, delightful process of development that God has always desired to have with you.

It’s a living and light way of traveling with the One who knows you best and loves you the most.

The Way God Walks With Us
  • You're Accepted!

    Every day, you start from a place of being absolutely loved and accepted in Jesus. Unless all of our learning begins from that perspective and mindset, we rely on striving and self-effort to achieve growth.

    Acceptance is the Master Key that sets you free from performance.

    “You’re Accepted” is ...

  • How God Sees Our Learning Part 1: Slow Learning is Great Learning

    In this episode, we clear the ground of old ways of seeing and thinking about development and introduce you to the way God wants to walk with you.


    + God is not annoyed or weary of traveling with you.

    + It’s important that you like what God sees in you.

    + God celebrates what you’ve...

  • How God Sees Our Learning Part 2: Keys to Slow Learning

    This episode gives you three powerful keys to better understand and experience when God chooses to walk slowly through your growth and development.

    Key #1: Less is often More

    Establishing growth isn’t about how much we’ve read or heard. It’s how many of those truths we’ve become.
    Volume doesn’t...

  • How God Sees Our Learning Part 3: God Works All Things for His Good Pleasure

    The whole process of sanctification is a huge delight for Him and needs to become a joyful part of our fellowship.

    God has three specific ways of being with us in our development:

    The present/past is your Living Space in Jesus where you celebrate and establish your victories and rest in His fin...

  • Power Strands of Process

    As we experience and learn God’s ways of seeing, thinking and feeling, our own are transformed, until our language and actions reflect more and more of His true nature.

    + God focuses on our transformation in 3 Power Strands of Process:
    Vision - how we perceive God, ourselves and ...

  • Process is Developed in Identity

    Identity is where we become what we’ve been beholding in God. It’s a process. One Truth, one area of our identity at a time as we are growing up into all things in Christ.

    In process, God develops His relationship with you. In your identity, you establish your
    fellowship with Him.

    Each pr...

  • Beholding and Becoming

    In our worldly thinking, we value activity. Our self-image and worth is often dependent on how much we do and achieve.

    But God’s greatest desire is to walk with us. To BE with us in a daily, intimate, living relationship... because THAT is where the true process of transformation occurs.

    As ...

  • The Eyes of Expectation

    When your expectation is properly focused, your process of development accelerates. One of the master keys to expectation is learning to see first with the eyes of your heart and then developing the capacity to think about what you’re seeing with the Mind of Christ.

    Expectation is always present...

  • Commit to the New

    If we are to change from glory into glory we must cooperate with the process of change that the Holy Spirit is using. It is vital for us to commit to the identity that God is revealing to us in Jesus.

    God creates a process for each stage of our learning. In this episode, we’ll explore the steps ...

  • Overcoming Negativity Part 1: The Antidote to Negativity

    Negativity reduces every relationship. It steals our vitality. It sucks us down into a place where we cannot experience life as we know it in Jesus. If we get a breakthrough, we can’t hold on to it because our thinking is held back by the returning negative we have not overcome.

    Jesus gave ev...

  • Overcoming Negativity Part 2: Becoming a Catalyst

    God is not only offering the antidote to negativity for you personally in Christ, but as His Ways, Truth and Life become yours, YOU can become an antidote for others.

    What you overcome in this life gives you the authority to positively impact people and environments that are still in the lifes...

  • Overcoming Negativity Part 3: Delightful Practice of Overcoming Every Negative

    This devotional prophetic word will affirm who God promises to be for you as you walk with Him through the process of overcoming every negative in your life.

    In the midst of all your learning, it’s important that you hear HIS voice above all else. So don’t take notes initially. Listen and soak...

  • Love and Learning

    This episode offers four powerful keys that will unlock a new delight in your development and lock up any negatives of uncertainty, insecurity or striving that may diminish your love of learning.

    Key #1: God allows circumstances that shine the light on your negatives so He can overwhelm them wit...

  • The Ways of God: Difficult People

    Everyday life is your Practice Ground for learning the way God walks with us. This episode focuses specifically on the Practice Ground of difficult people.

    The people we find most challenging are a wonderful catalyst in your transformation into the image of Christ IF you can recognize His way...

  • The Ways of God: Dealing with Overwhelming Emotions

    Part of the beauty in being human is the emotions we were created to express. But how does God walk with you when negative emotions threaten to overwhelm and take charge? How are our emotions being made in His image and what does THAT process look like?

    The antidote to negative feelings is not...

  • The Ways of God: Workplace Challenges

    Our places of employment are unique experiences. They’re different than family or friendship dynamics. Which means, they offer us distinctive opportunities for transformation into the image of Christ.

    In difficult situations, there’s great potential for kindness and generosity to impact a nega...

  • Graham & Allison Unpack “The Way God Walks With Us” Part 1

    You’re invited to sit down with Graham and Allison for a behind-the-scenes look at how the creation of “The Way God Walks With Us” came to be and what they learned along the way. The series that you’ve seen wasn’t the one that they started with!

    They will also highlight some of the most powerfu...

  • Graham & Allison Unpack “The Way God Walks With Us” Part 2

    Join us for Part 2 with Graham and Allison for a behind-the-scenes look at how the creation of “The Way God Walks With Us.” How the series came together held some great learning!

    We will also highlight some of the most powerful Key Truths for you to continue to explore in the coming weeks and m...

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