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Up Next in Season 1

  • The Eyes of Expectation

    When your expectation is properly focused, your process of development accelerates. One of the master keys to expectation is learning to see first with the eyes of your heart and then developing the capacity to think about what you’re seeing with the Mind of Christ.

    Expectation is always present...

  • Commit to the New

    If we are to change from glory into glory we must cooperate with the process of change that the Holy Spirit is using. It is vital for us to commit to the identity that God is revealing to us in Jesus.

    God creates a process for each stage of our learning. In this episode, we’ll explore the steps ...

  • Overcoming Negativity Part 1: The Ant...

    Negativity reduces every relationship. It steals our vitality. It sucks us down into a place where we cannot experience life as we know it in Jesus. If we get a breakthrough, we can’t hold on to it because our thinking is held back by the returning negative we have not overcome.

    Jesus gave ev...