Transformation Through the Fruit of the Spirit

Transformation Through the Fruit of the Spirit

15 Episodes

Transformation Through the Fruit of the Spirit invites you into a dynamic experience of God within the context of His true nature.

What you think about God is the most important thought you will ever have. God’s primary purpose is making us into His own image, but what is that image and are we seeing Him in the fullness of who He is?

In this Mentoring Series, we’ll be looking at:
+ How the TRUE nature of God is clearly evidenced in the fruit of the Spirit…
+ Why every single FRUIT of the Spirit is an INVITATION to encounter God
+ How we can CONVERT encounters with God into relational TRANSFORMATION..
+ Key questions to ASK God when situations seem difficult
+ How we get to EXPERIENCE God’s good pleasure & His nature in every circumstance…

If God’s #1 priority is to make us in His image, then that needs to be our #1 priority as well. The Fruit of the Spirit is more than a sweet list of possibilities; it’s a storehouse of promises and provision.

Here's what members are saying about this series:

"The Fruit of the Spirit Mentoring Series is tremendous! I am gaining so much more revelation of who I am in Christ because of Christ." - Peggy

"These truths are absolutely breaking negative thoughts that I've always had. This is amazing! I've needed this so long and it’s such a relief to learn to grow in the Fruits of the Spirit in response to what has been very challenging circumstances in my life." - Laura

"That statement of, 'And when you realize there are gaps in your learning, have the same amount of grace with yourself that God has with you!' My heart melted!" Thank you! - Walter

"Following your teaching on the Fruit of the Spirit concerning difficult people has created an unbelievable transformation in my life...a very huge healing process… Not just for me in my life, but affecting so many surrounding me." - Kathy

"It’s like my life is the workbook to this Mentoring Series and I'm living the exercises for each episode." - Ian

"This has been a life-transforming adventure for me..." Patty

"This series has been more than I could ever ask for. I'm looking forward to the pressure. I will rest in my precious Savior’s arms, learning to become." - Joan

"This Mentoring Series on the Fruit of the Spirit has been filled with Ah-ha moments...Connecting to the fruit that is already present to the Jesus in me is a wonderful change! I am overwhelmed with His love for me and am learning to lean into Him more and more throughout the day." - Lucy

There are just a few stories of the transformative experiences members are having. What will yours be?

Join me in this mentoring series to discover the power, the truth and the beauty of a life in Jesus.

- Graham

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Transformation Through the Fruit of the Spirit
  • The Power of Fruit

    What you think about God is the most important thought you will ever have. God’s primary purpose is making us into His own image, but what is that image and are we seeing Him in the fullness of who He is?

    In the this episode , we’ll be looking at:
    + How the TRUE nature of God is clearly evidenc...

  • What Will Your Expectancy Activate?

    Each Fruit of the Spirit and each aspect of the nature of God that it reveals comes with a perception, mindset and language that converts us from an earth-bound perspective to a heaven-based one.

    In this episode, we will be looking at:
    + What it means to let a sense of POSITIVE EXPECTANCY rise ...

  • Gentleness is the Voice of the Lord

    The gentleness of Jesus opens us to learning from Him. Our expectation of the Lord must always be that He will come to us in gentleness. I want you to hear everything that follows in this series in the same voice that God is using towards you because He loves talking to the Jesus in you.

    So in ...

  • A Fresh Lens For Self-Control

    Self-control delivers us from becoming out of control based on our circumstances and gives us a beautiful, wide open space where we can encounter who God is for us. It gives us the space to see more clearly, hear more accurately and speak only what we need to.

    In this episode, we will be expl...

  • Overwhelming Peace

    Peace as with every other Fruit of the Spirit isn’t something that God merely has, it’s who He is. Peace is a ruling power. It overwhelms anxiety, fear and panic, and it’s stronger than any adversity we will ever meet. The Fruit of Peace is a gift, so let’s explore receiving it.

    In this episode...

  • Question & Answer with Graham

    In this episode, I’ll be answering two questions that have been sent in from members. I really enjoy receiving these questions, hearing your voice, and knowing about your growth in these fruits. They allow me to engage with your learning and be apart of your process with the Lord.

    The two que...

  • Joy that Strengthens

    Episode 7

    Joy is the great partner of peace. When partnered together, they eradicate negativity and guarantee an increase of trust and faith.

    Joy comes from knowing who God will be for us no matter what is occurring because joy is who God is. Because God is always joyful, our rejoicing with Him triggers ...

  • Uncommon Love

    Love is who God is, but it’s not the common love we’re used to seeing in the world. The love of God never changes based on our response or behavior. His love is like a straight and true arrow: no hooks and no hidden agendas. He loves for the pure pleasure of loving because He is love.

    In this ...

  • The Glory of Goodness

    We’re exploring God’s goodness, so get ready for an encounter that will be gloriously overwhelming. We can either be overwhelmed by our circumstances, shame, guilt, powerlessness, and so on, or by the goodness of God. The choice is ours!

    So in this episode, we’ll be discussing:

    + How you get t...

  • Q & A With Graham (December)

    I love hearing your stories about Jesus and getting your questions from our series on Transformation Through the Fruit of The Spirit. The testimonies that have been coming in are absolutely brilliant, and I so enjoy hearing what God is doing in your life.

    In this episode, I’ll be answering two q...

  • Kindness Overcomes

    We are talking about kindness, the primary partner of goodness. These two fruits go hand in hand to express God’s true nature towards us, as God intends to be relentlessly kind to us.

    In this episode, we will explore:
    + How the kindness of God TOWARDS us is outrageous and unchanging…
    + Why kind...

  • The Patience Advantage

    We are focusing on patience, the one fruit that a few of us might have been tempted to skip. But patience is more beautiful than you have imagined! There is a lot of fresh, encouraging ground to cover, so this episode is broken down into two parts. When you hit the end of part one, take a break, ...

  • Relentless Faithfulness

    We are discovering how the faithfulness of God elevates and empowers all of the other fruits, revealing His relentless nature towards us. He wants to have a relationship with us in which we are overwhelmed by His relentless faithfulness, so let’s enjoy the process of experiencing this fruit.

    In ...

  • Nothing Works Against Fruit

    Here we are, the final episode of this series. Our final exploration will be a comment that I made in Episode 1 regarding Paul’s statement on how there is no law against the Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). This means there is no rule and no authority that can stop or overwhelm the Fruit ...

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