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Up Next in Season 1

  • Overwhelming Peace

    Peace as with every other Fruit of the Spirit isn’t something that God merely has, it’s who He is. Peace is a ruling power. It overwhelms anxiety, fear and panic, and it’s stronger than any adversity we will ever meet. The Fruit of Peace is a gift, so let’s explore receiving it.

    In this episode...

  • Question & Answer with Graham

    In this episode, I’ll be answering two questions that have been sent in from members. I really enjoy receiving these questions, hearing your voice, and knowing about your growth in these fruits. They allow me to engage with your learning and be apart of your process with the Lord.

    The two que...

  • Joy that Strengthens

    Joy is the great partner of peace. When partnered together, they eradicate negativity and guarantee an increase of trust and faith.

    Joy comes from knowing who God will be for us no matter what is occurring because joy is who God is. Because God is always joyful, our rejoicing with Him triggers ...